Node.js Basics

Node let’s you run JavaScript programs outside of the browser. For example, you can run javascript code on the command line. If you are a good javascript programmer, you are no longer limited to the confines of the browser.

Node.js is non-blocking (can run multiple tasks, and keeps processing tasks while waiting for response) and is less heavy on system resources like memory and processing speed.

Install Node.js on a Mac

  • Check version node -v
  • Run file node app.js


Just typing node at the command line and it will open a read-evaluate-print-loop (interactive REPL), like Python. To exit, press ctrl+c twice.

Hello World

Create a file called app.js

console.log('Bonjour la monde!');

Run the file from the command line

node app.js

Project: Parse JSON data using Node.js


  • connect to the API URL
  • read the data
  • parse the data
  • print the data