About Me

Hi, i’m Aamnah. I’m a web developer and system administrator (wannabe). I’m a polyglot geek excited and fascinated by so many things. This is my blog of coding notes. The topics range from web development, programming, security, hacking, resources, unix/linux administration, code hacks and much more.

About TLDR Dev Notes

Have you ever read a whole page just to get to the one line of code that does it all? Or had to re-read that saved note all over to check how something was done? I have, plenty of times.

Traditionally, the phrase too long; didn’t read (abbreviated tl;dr or simply tldr) has been used on the Internet as a reply to an excessively long statement. It indicates that the reader did not actually read the statement due to its undue length.

A tldr version is basically a short summarized version with only essential knowledge. It is used to show a brief summary of a very long post/article.

TLDR Dev Notes is my collection of tldr versions of my design and dev notes. No fluff, no details, no intros, just the commands i need to get it done.