Using workspaces like a pro in Ubuntu


With the keyboard shortcuts, i now ctrl+alt+up/down to move between workspaces which have full screen apps. And shift+ctrl+alt+up/down to move an app between workspaces. F11 to make an app full screen. shift+start+ARROW to move apps between different monitors. super+LEFT/RIGHT for split views

The top thing i missed about macOS after switching to a Thinkpad with Ubuntu was the swipe gestures. I could three-finger swipe left/right to switch between full screen apps.

On Ubuntu, i tried to do the same thing by setting up gestures, but it wasn’t as smooth as i wanted.

Ever since i have figured out the shortcuts and started using them, i have felt more productive

Managing Workspaces

  • shift + ctrl + alt + UP/DOWN - move app to a Workspace above or below
  • ctrl + alt + UP/DOWN - move to Workspace up or below
  • start + Page Up/Down - move to Workspace above or below
  • start + Home/End - move to First/Last Workspace

  • Windows key is also known as: super, flag, start, logo, win

Tweaks for Workspaces

Also set the below Gnome Tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks
  • Tweaks > Workspaces > Dynamic Workspaces will create/remove Workspaces on the fly
  • Tweaks > Workspaces > Display Handling > Workspaces span displays will move all displays, very helpful when you have a multi-monitor setup

Managing Application Windows

  • F11 - make app full screen
  • ESC - exit full screen mode
  • start + shift + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT - move between Monitors (very useful in a multi-monitor setup)

You can also maximize, restore and split windows using keyboard shortcuts

  • start + LEFT/RIGHT - split View left/right
  • start + LEFT/RIGHT - split View left/right
  • start + UP/DOWN - Maximize/Restore window