Text/Code Editor Showdown

Right now i use 4 different editors.

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Brackets
  • LightPaper

Visual Studio Code

  • Visual Studio Code is THE BEST editor if you want an IDE. Git, Terminal offered out of the box.
  • This is my go to editor for most projects
  • Preferred editor of JavaScript (React) coders. Has support for things like JSX, Standard style etc.
  • Supports Emmet out of the box
  • Installing (and Disabling) Extensions is really easy and simple
  • Git support is awesome. Committing code, seeing changes side by side, reverting changes, pushing code is all relatively fast and simple.
  • Terminal is awesome. You can have multiple Terminals, all Terminals open in the project folder
  • Highlights syntax in fenced code blocks in Markdown files
  • An extension is available for HTML/CSS/SCSS live preview

Sublime Text 3

  • The multiple cursors and find and select all are my favorite features
  • Loads really fast
  • Great for text editing


  • Brackets is THE BEST editor for CSS Styling
  • LiveReloads HTML/SCSS/CSS out of the box
  • Live preview for your site, side by side editing, you immediately see every change you make
  • Highlights all relevant areas on the page when you click a style


  • LightPaper is THE BEST editor for Markdown
  • Live preview, see your changes side by side
  • Code highlights, see syntax highlighting for all your fenced code. This is the one feature that i miss the most in other editors. Most editors highlight Markdown, but not code entered in code blocks (Sublime Text, Brackets).
  • Scroll sync, keeps both screens on the same area when you scroll

Misc. things all editors support

  • Emmet (have to install it separately in Sublime Text)
  • Color highlights (Shows you the color for your color values)
  • Multi-pane views