Troubleshooing a Mac

Issue: Computer is booting in Safe Mode (Shift Key) only

Do a Diagnostics Test (D) to check computer hardware

ref link

  • Shutdown. Power on and immediately press D. It’ll take a few minutes to run tests and give you results.
  • Mine gave me The battery requires service Reference Code: PPT004
  • It’ll also give you your Mac’s serial number. Mine is: C02KTD35F5V7

Check System Diagnostics Log file

See link 1, link 2, and link 3

Reset PRAM Boot arguments

ref link

  • Power on and immidately press Cmd+Alt+P+R. Release the keys once the system has reset and sounds the boot chime again.
  • This didn’t work for me

Reinstall OS X

this might work if third party kexts are being loaded and causing the issue

Check hard disk

  • if you’re able to boot in safe mode, open Disk Utility and Verify Disk.
  • (Optional) Verify Disk Permissions and repair permissions.
  • My hard disk was OK