Dive into Linux (workshop notes)

Hardware > Kernel (Ubuntu/Android) > OS Linux is a Kernel, Android uses that Kernel but the OS on top is different

Desktop Environmentss (basically a theme on top of the OS)

  • KDE

Package Management

  • Debian apt
  • CentOS yum
  • Fedora dng
  • FreeBSD make

Linux code you either get from marketplace or you compile it.

  • Terminal makes batch operation really simple and fast
  • Linux let’s you make your own commands (using Bash or Python)


  • Worm for execution of modules
  • Link file for execution of copied files

System Administration

  • Web dev and deployments
  • Hypervisors (lookup clustering. let’s you run different OSes in parallel - instead of dual boot where you can only run one OS at a time. Labs with mainframes. Gaming lounges with one main computer with all the GPUs and high-end rigs. You can share the hardware resources.)
    • VMware
    • Virtualbox
    • Proxmox (Linux, opensource)
    • Hyper-V
    • ESXI (Linux, backed by VMware)
  • Networks
    • pfSense
    • OPNSense
    • NAS

pfSense makes a normal computer a router. Router = firewall + switch + WiFi antennas. Routers handle networks. Allocation of resources, IP addresses etc.

IoT and Operation Specific Devices (Ubiquitous Computing)

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel’s Joule (people made a Transformer using it)
  • Intel’s Edison (wearables)
  • OpenELEC
  • OpenBTS (a full communication network, opensource telecom network)

Intel’s Joule is good for image processing, 3D scanning etc.


  • Hacking (altering something that already exists) vs. Making (creating something from scratch. Makeistan is a maker’s lab)
  • Linux vs. Windows
  • Tools (RAT - Remote Access Tool) and Scripts
  • Network Administration (Routers let you access all computers on the network, can redirect traffic, password protect pages etc.)
  • CCNA
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)


  • DNS spoofing (showing some other site because you messed with the router)
  • SET (Social Engineering Toolkit, skiddies)

What’s next?

  • Research
  • Freelancing