Tranfer between Debian Apache based setups

Transfer server from DigitalOcean to Vultr

Transfering between Debian Apache based setups

This is my current setup

  • Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu
  • Domains added via vhost conf files
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  1. Transfer databases
  2. Transfer all vhost.conf files in /var/etc/site_enabled
  3. Transfer all sites in /var/www
  4. Transfer SSL certs for all domains

Transfer Domain Conf files

This involves

  • Locating where the conf files are
  • Copying them to new server

The conf files are usually in the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder and symlinked into the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled folder

Transfer SSL Certificates

This involves

  1. Locating where the SSL certificate, private key, and any intermediate certificates are on your Apache server. Their exact location will be specified in your Apache configuration file if they are currently being used. /etc/ssl
  2. Copying those files to the new server.
  3. Editing your Apache configuration file to use the new files on the new server.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certs

If your SSL certs have been installed with Let’s Encrypt SSL, then you need to

  • copy the /etc/letsencrypt dir to new server
  • reinstall Let’s encrypt
  • recreate any cron jobs
  • make sure everything is working certbot renew --dry-run and certbot renew