Tool - SVG Cleaner

SVG Cleaner

Here are the install instructions for Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

For SVG Cleaner you need to install Rust compiler and Cargo. Cargo is the package manager for Rust. The packages are called crates..

install Rust compiler

curl -sSf | sh

it’ll ask you for installation option and then take a while (downloads 100MiB+) to install.

During installation, rustup, will attempt to configure PATH, but because of differences between platforms, command shells, and bugs in rustup, the modifications to PATH may not take effect until the console is restarted, or the user logged out, or may not succeed at all.

If, after installation, running rustc --version in the console fails, this is the most likely reason.

Add Rust Compiler to PATH

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.cargo/bin

Check if rust compiler is recognized

rustc --version

install SVG Cleaner (CLI tool)

install SVG cleaner (v0.8.0 as of this writing)

cargo install svgcleaner

If you’re using Rust and Cargo for the first time, it’ll take a while to update registry..

install SVG Cleaner GUI

install SVG cleaner GUI (v0.8.0 as of this writing)

cd ~/Downloads
mkdir svgcleaner-gui
cd svgcleaner-gui
tar -zxvf svgcleaner-gui_linux_x86_64_0.8.0.tar.gz

# to be continued..