this & bind

this, .bind() Binding

  • Implicit Binding
  • Explicit Binding (call, apply, bind)
  • new Binding
  • window Binding

Explicit Binding

.apply() is the same as .call(), the only difference being you can pass an array of args instead of passing args one by one.

.bind() is like .call(), but it let’s you create a new function and invoke it later. .call() and .apply() are called/invoked immediately.

new Binding

What’s used in constructor functions..

let Animal() {
    // this = {}
    this.color = color; = name;
    this.type = type

let zebra = new Animal('black and white', 'Zorro, 'Zebra');

window Binding

var sayAge() {

var me = {
    age: 25


If there is no binding for this, it binds it to the window object. 'use strict'; is usually good when you want this to error out instead of defaulting to window object