Setting up cam on Raspberry Pi

You have two options:

- [motion](
- [kerberos](

Motion install is pretty much all commmand line based.

Kerberos is more user friendly, easier to install and has a modern interface

Install motion

sudo apt-get install motion -y


sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf

The following settings should do. Frame settings (width, height, framerate) and ports (webcam_port, control_port) are optional. The most important are the two on/off settings for daemon and webcam_localhost

daemon on
width 640
height 480
framerate 100
webcam_localhost off
webcam_port 8081 #deafult:8081
control_port 8080 #default:8080

webcam_localhost if on will restrict webcam connections to localhost only. Same for control_localhost.


sudo nano /etc/default/motion

set to yes



sudo service motion start