Error Reporting and Troubleshooting

Enable error reporting

System level

Display errors could be turned off in the php.ini or your Apache config file.

User level

In your index.php (or whatever script you’re running) file, add this:

// error_reporting(E_ALL);

OR add the following to your php.ini file

display_errors = 1;
error_reporting = E_ALL;
log_errors = 1;

Check error logs

Errors and warnings usually appear in ....\logs\php_error.log or ....\logs\apache_error.log depending on your php.ini settings.

Also useful errors are often directed to the browser, but as they are not valid html they are not displayed.

So tail -f your log files and when you get a blank screen use IEs “view” -> “source” menu options to view the raw output.

Run the script via command line

php -f foo.php
  • -f takes a file name.