Things that i love about my Mac

I converted to a Mac __ years ago. And i can’t see myself going back to Windows or a non-Apple laptop.

The software i use is already available for Mac. I’m a web developer, i have everything i need already on my Mac. The only software i ever. For everything else, there is either a Mac version available or an alternative available. In some cases i found that the Mac version of the same software looks better than it’s Windows counterpart. Evernote for Mac looked better than it’s Windows counterpart for a long time before they updated the looks of the Windows version.


I can’t imagine living without my Terminal. Or my bash scripts. The Command Prompt on Windows sucks. You can install Cygwin or an alternative like ConEmu but the fact that you gotta install something to begin with also sucks.

Trackpad and Gestures

I love that i can move between Desktops with a three-finger swipe. I love that i have multiple Desktops to begin with.

Unix things

Hardware and Design


I have found that with Macs, it just works is not just a catch phrase, it’s a fact. Everything just works.

Updates are simple

The upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite took a single click. The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 did not. In Yosemite i can set all my apps to update automatically in the background. It’s a very simple setting. Never have to bother with prompts.

Ready for Web Developers

I tried installing programming languages in Windows. It wasn’t fun and it was cumbersome. On macs, Ruby comes pre-installed. Python comes pre-installed. Perl comes pre-installed. PHP comes pre-isntalled. Apache and MySQL are also pre-installed. Installing anything new (e.g. nodejs) is a breeze with Homebrew. I can write Bash scripts. I can do all the command line Unixy things that i love and that makes my life easier.

It is insanely easy for me to get a brand new Mac and start developing right away. I can practically install all software on my system and set their defaults by running a single one-line command in the Terminal. FYI, brew-cask and .osx files rule!

The common thing you’d hear from a Windows fan as a counter-argument to how easy the Macs are is ‘oh, you can do that in Windows too’. I’m sure you can. But you gotta go run a few circles, do a few things to get it working. On a Mac, it just works..

It spoils you

Windows people roll their eyes when a Mac person says it just works. They don’t get it. They don’t understand our frustrations when we encounter a Windows machine. Because they are used to doing it the hard way. As a result, they also tend to think iPeople are dumb, because we don’t like doing things the complicated way.

A mac, or any other Apple product really, spoils you. I have not found a single trackpad on any non-Apple laptop that was actually worth using. Or a laptop that looked as sleek as mine and came with 12 hours of battery life. Unless it’s an ultra-book, i find all non-Macs to be heavy and clunky. And the fan noises.. oh that noise, the exhaust! And the low resolution screens. And the low quality built-in mic and cameras. And it baffles me why all laptops don’t come with a backlit keyboard. I mean, it’s so basic! MacBook Air Backlit Keyboard