Getting started with Expo

npx expo-cli init

yarn start

Upload your project to Expo

expo login

? Username/Email Address: aamnah
? Password: [hidden]

Success. You are now logged in as aamnah.
expo publish
  • publish will deploy your proh=ject to the Expo site and you’ll be able to preview it with
  • If you have distributed your app to the app stores, that app will get automatically updated (Over The Air - OTA updates) when you publish changes to your Expo project URL.

# install CLI tool
npm install -g expo-cli

# create a project
expo init

It’ll ask you what template to use, i went with Tabs, then it’ll ask for project name and slug, and if you have Yarn installed it’ll ask you if you want to use Yarn to install dependencies.

The slug will be the name of the folder Expo creates for the project

# start dev server
npm start
# or
yarn start

It’ll open the app in browser http://localhost:19002/ and show a QR code that you can scan in the Expo mobile client to view the app on your phone.

Install Expo Client on your phone

Setup Android Emulator

  • Download and Install Android Studio (almost 1 GB in download, took almost half an hour)
  • Enable Developer Mode on Android. Settings > Abou Phone > System. Tap Build number 7 times.
  • Install ADB sudo apt install -y adb
  • Make sure you’re in plugdev group (use the id command to find out). If not, use this command to add yourself sudo usermod -aG plugdev $LOGNAME
npm run android 


Get a apk or ipa ready to submit to Play Store or App Store

exp build:ios