OpenCart: Bulk update prices of Products

Changing the currency of an OpenCart store

  • update product price
  • update discount and special prices
  • update order totals

MySQL Commands

Multiply all prices in a column by 3.67000008

UPDATE `oc_product` SET `price` = `price` * 3.670008

Round the numbers of an entire column

UPDATE `oc_product` SET `price` = ROUND(`price`)

Select price column and create a new column ROUND(price) by rounding the value of price

SELECT `price`, ROUND(`price`) from `oc_product`


I have an opencart that is setup with multiple currencies. When it started, the currency was USD and all the prices were entered in USD but later on we wanted to show AED so another currency was set up and a conversion rate was used to convert USD prices and show them in AED to the users. The side effect of this was having to enter the product prices in USD (after taking a calculator and converting price) while the business worked in AED.


To fix this, i needed to a) multiply (multiply because USD is stronger than AED, otherwise it’d have been divide) the USD prices with a certain amount to get the equivalent of AED and b) change the default store currency.

I also had to update product discounts:

UPDATE `oc_product_discount` SET `price` = `price` * 3.67000008;
UPDATE `oc_product_discount` SET `price` = ROUND(`price`)

and product specials:

UPDATE `oc_product_special` SET `price` = `price` * 3.67000008;
UPDATE `oc_product_special` SET `price` = ROUND(`price`)