[dig] Domain Information Groper

Getting domain record details (NS, MX, TXT, SOA, SPF, A, AAAA, any)

By default, dig only provides you wih an A record, i.e. an IP. To get details about a specific record, you need to pass it as an option with dig, like so:

dig NS aamnah.com
dig aamnah.com NS
dig MX aamnah.com

dig NS aamnah.com is the same as dig aamnah.com NS. It doesn’t matter if you pass the option in the beginnnig or at the end. It also doesn’t matter if you pass an uppercase NS or a lower case ns.

You can use any to get all domain records (i.e. any domain record that is available):

dig any aamnah.com
dig aamnah.com any

Neat and detailed output

dig +nocmd any +noall +answer

gives a neat view without any comments.


dig -h | more

to list all available options.


Toggles the printing of the initial comment in the output identifying the version of dig and the query options that have been applied. This comment is printed by default.


Set or clear all display flags.