Colored Output


\033[0;32 marks the beginning of color and \0333[0m marks the end.

What you do is:

echo -e "\033[0;32m This text is green \033[0m"
echo -e "${StartColor} This text is green ${StartClose}"

NOTE: When referencing variables inside an echo, the -e flag is important. So are the double quotation marks "

In Bash, the <Esc> character can be obtained with the following syntaxes:

  • \e
  • \033
  • \x1B has very detailed examples with pictures.

Color Code Color Code
Black 0;30 Dark Gray 1;30
Red 0;31 Light Red 1;31
Green 0;32 Light Green 1;32
Brown/Orange 0;33 Yellow 1;33
Blue 0;34 Light Blue 1;34
Purple 0;35 Light Purple 1;35
Cyan 0;36 Light Cyan 1;36
Light Gray 0;37 White 1;37cl