Install WebTorrent Desktop on Armbian (OrangePi Plus2 / RaspberryPi 3)

tl;dr: don’t bother, my ARM hardware isn’t powerful enough for Electronjs which WebTorrent is built with.

The Plan

  • Install Nodejs, because WebTorrent is built with Nodejs and JavaScript
  • Clone the WebTorrent repo and install the node modules – STUCK HERE –
  • Run the app to make sure it works on armhf architecture
  • Package the app as a Linux app
  • Build from source


  • Because the npm install was stuck
  • Because the prerequisites for Electron (which WebTorrent runs on) are a minimum of 25GB of disk space and 8GB of RAM. Both of which i don’t have with OrangePi or RaspberryPi or any other ARM hardware. Meh.